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What Makes the Le-Vel Culture Different?

by Le-Vel 5 Comments
What Makes the Le-Vel Culture Different?

The Beginning

When we launched Le-Vel four years ago, we knew were starting something special. We invested in the absolute best ingredients available so we could give people around the world a fun and simple way to completely transform their health. But we had no idea that Le-Vel Brands would start a wild movement of loyal fans!

Le-Vel Brands Going Viral

Looking back, maybe we should have seen it coming. When you’re Thrivin,’ you want to shout it from the rooftops – especially if you’ve been spending the last several months or even years in a mental fog, dragging yourself to work each day, wondering if you’d ever feel better.

Check out our Facebook page, and you’ll read story after story written by people of all ages, from college students to retirees.  People who were sick and tired of feeling sick and tired before they tried the 8-Week THRIVE experience and woke up to a life they never knew they could have – a life filled with energy, joy and passion. Those Le-Vel Brands reviews generated a massive wave of the enthusiasm that’s sweeping the globe.

Under each one of those incredible testimonials and Le-Vel reviews, you’ll also see hundreds of virtual high-fives from Le-Vel Brand Promoters and customers all around the globe. Some people might be quick to say technology drives people apart, but in the Le-Vel culture, it brings people together.

In just four years’ time, we’ve grown from a company with great products nobody had heard of to an army of 600,000 world-changing, uber-passionate Brand Promoters – and more than 4 million customers. To have that kind of mind-blowing growth, you can’t just have good products; you have to have people who use those products and love them.

Le-Vel Brands Community

A Community of Friends Supporting Each Other

Through their stories and their photos, we realize all of us are on the same journey. Who doesn’t just want to feel better, right? All of those virtual “woots” are an awesome reminder than none of us are alone. What could be better than turning your life around, working up the courage to share your story and your photos in a public forum, and then having friends – including friends you’ve never even met, telling you “Way to go! You’re amazing, and you’re inspiring!”

It’s not hard to understand, then, why our culture is Thrivin’. People try our products, they feel better than ever, and they’re telling everyone they know – and even some they don’t know. They want everyone to feel as fabulous as they do. Their passion is what drives our success. Our awesome Brand Promoters and customers are leading a global health and wellness movement, and they’ve only just gotten started. Le-Vel isn’t about selling products; it’s about sharing passion and helping others. The passion our Brand Promoters have for this company and, quite simply, life, is what attracts others to them.

We may be a virtual company – and the first virtual company in the direct selling industry – but we have a community like no other. People may come to Le-Vel for the products, but they stay for the inspiration, the encouragement and the opportunity for something better. This is a mission – and we’ve only just gotten started!