how to workout when you don't feel like it

I’m In A Workout Rut, What Do I Do Now?

You already know how important working out is for your physical and mental health. The problem is, sometimes you get stuck in a workout rut and the last thing you want to do is hit the gym. What can you do when that happens?

We have some ideas to help get you moving.

How to Workout When You Don’t Feel Like It

  1. Remove the pressure

First off, guilt is not a good motivator. Let’s remove the pressure either you or others have placed on you to get fit. Losing weight, getting in shape, or just plain staying healthy, shouldn’t be based on what others expect of you. This is your body we’re talking about! 

Yes, working out is great for you; you always feel better once you’ve started, right? Focus on the good feelings and the benefits, instead of feelings of guilt for skipping your workout… again. 

Once you give yourself space to make the decision that is right for you, you may be surprised to find working out is what you enjoy. 

  1. Exercise in the morning

There is no quicker way to miss your workout for the day, than to schedule it in the evening. 

You’re tired, it’s been a hard day and you have a list of things demanding your attention. Surely, working out can wait until tomorrow. See what’s happening here? 

You’ll have fewer excuses if you plan to exercise in the morning. Plus, exercising in the morning kick starts cortisol so your body has more energy for the rest of the day.  

Not sure how to fit a workout into your morning? Check out our guide on designing your perfect morning routine

  1. Keep it simple

If leg day or barre class leaves you questioning all your life choices, skip it until you get out of your workout rut. What is something you love? Working out doesn’t have to be torture. If walking your dog fills you with joy, or swimming every day used to make you feel so alive, do those things. You can get back to barre class and ab workouts later, but for now, choose what brings you pleasure to help you get off that couch and get moving. 

  1. Try something fun 

If you aren’t feeling the daily workout anymore, it might be because you need to shake things up. Transform your workout routine by trying something fun, and maybe even a little out of your normal comfort zone. 

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Plogging: An exercise trend hailing from Sweden, combines your daily jog with picking up litter. 
  • Bungee Workout: Build muscle and burn fat while… flying? Sign us up!
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding: Gets you outside on the water while offering a full-body workout.
  1. Find an exercise buddy

Sometimes, you need someone to lend support and hold you accountable. Plus, it’s much harder to cancel your morning jog when you plan to meet a friend and jog together. 

There’s also nothing like a friend to push you further than you thought possible, encourage you when you’re ready to give up, and tell you how great you’re doing. 

  1. Sign up for a 5k (or marathon!)

A great mind trick to get you unstuck is to have something you’re working towards. If you’ve hit a plateau in your workout routine, creating a new end goal can change everything. 

It’s not enough to just say you’ll train for a 5k, you need to have an actual date. Signing up for a race also includes a monetary commitment. If you have a deadline and make an investment (even a small one!) it will motivate you to get out and get going. 

  1. Trick yourself

If all else fails, just trick yourself into working out. We’re talking salsa lessons, kayaking, birding, and playing with your child at the playground. Anything that gets you active without being the focus of the activity. The key here is to do something so enjoyable, that it doesn’t even feel like a workout. 

Bonus Resources to Get You Moving:

You Can Do This!

Just remember, working out doesn’t have to be boring or feel like torture. There are so many fun ways you can exercise, so don’t limit yourself to what we’ve listed. Now get out there and try something new! 

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