How to Find Balance in Life

How to Find Balance in Life

Have you ever found yourself saying: “There just aren’t enough hours in the day?”

You’re far from alone. Most people struggle to figure out how to find balance in life.

A balanced budget. A balanced diet. Work-life balance. All of life is a balancing act!

How to find balance in life

In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to get caught up in work pressures, the needs of family and friends, or even demands you put on yourself — and that’s how you get thrown off-balance. When you focus too much energy in one area, something else has to give.

And let’s be honest: More often than not, we sacrifice our own health and happiness to fulfil the requirements of others. When we do that, everyone loses.

You know how, during the safety presentation on an airplane, the flight attendants advise you to put your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs? There’s a good reason for that: You can’t help anyone if you can’t breathe!

Finding balance in life is like that, too. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

When you find balance, you feel calm, clear-headed, and equipped to tackle daily challenges.

So how do you find balance in life? Start with these steps:

How to find balance in life

1. Examine your life.

The first step to finding balance is probably the hardest: Take a step back and look at yourself and your life as objectively as you can. How do you feel? Are you physically exhausted? Are you overly stressed at work? Resentful of friends or family members? Feeling that something is missing from your life? Take stock of where you’re spending your energy, and where you feel like you’re falling short.

2. Prioritize.

What things are most important to you? Your family? Your career? Physical fitness? Emotional wellness? Financial health? Be honest about what matters most, and make a mental list of your priorities. This will help you determine how much time and energy you spend on each aspect of your life.

3. Set goals.

Once you’ve decided where your priorities lie, set specific goals for achieving your desired balance. These goals should cover every aspect of your life: your health, your job, your family, your friends, your finances, your emotional and spiritual well-being. Make them specific and achievable.

4. Make a plan.

How are you going to reach your goals to create balance in your life? Create a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that you can stick to that will help you achieve your goals. Maybe it’s not realistic to expect to get to the gym every weekday, but to spend 5 hours there per week, however you need to divvy up those hours.

5. Reflect on your progress.

Make time for yourself to do this every day. Acknowledge your failures (there will probably be many — it’s part of the growth process) and celebrate your successes. If something feels like it isn’t working, reassess. Maybe in your current situation, spending 5 hours per week at the gym isn’t possible. Instead, shoot for 5 hours of exercise, even if it’s just taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood. Be flexible and willing to try other things. Your life is always changing. Your goals and plans should change with it.

6. Be okay with failure.

Real talk: You’re not going to be able to do it all. No one can! Be kind to yourself when you fall short of your goals. Finding balance is a lifelong process. That’s why it’s important to reflect and reassess — you don’t know what is achievable until you try. When you fail, you always learn something. That’s not a bad thing!

Achieving balance is if a lifelong project. It’s not something you set out to do once and then live happily ever after. It’s a process; a way of life.

How to find balance in life

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