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Thrive Move – Does it really help Joint Support?

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Thrive Move – Does it really help Joint Support?

Thrive Move by Le-Vel

If you’ve heard of Thrive, you may have also heard of the Thrive Plus line of supplements from Le-Vel.  Thrive Move is a supplement developed to support healthy joint function.  How does it work?  Does it really help joint support?  What is Le-Vel’s sequential gel technology anyway?

Read on as we dig into this supplement product.

The Theory Behind Thrive Move – It’s Time to MOVE Toward Better Health

The mind is willing, but sometimes the body doesn’t cooperate. Joints feel irritated and less mobile. You may not be as flexible as you once were. Many of us face those kinds of challenges in our ongoing pursuit of fitness, while some of us simply want to make it through the day without general aches and discomfort. No matter where you are on the spectrum, you deserve to live your life unencumbered. Regardless of your age or lifestyle, you can be as active as you want to be – if you feed your body the nutrition it needs to operate at peak performance.

That’s the very philosophy behind Thrive Move, part of the Thrive Plus line of nutritional supplementation products from Le-Vel.

What is in Thrive Move?

This powerhouse product contains essential nutrients needed to support healthy joint function, calm irritation and support flexibility and mobility. It’s for anyone wanting to support healthy joints and perform at peak levels.

And, like all Le-Vel products, Thrive Move makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to finding the best ingredients the planet has to offer. Each 25-calorie gel pack includes Glucosamine HCI, Chondroitin Sulfate, White Willow Bark Extract, Guggul Powder, Hops Extract, Boswellia Serrata Extract and more. For the very best results, combine Move with your Thrive 8-week Experience – Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix and Premium Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology.

What is Le-Vel’s Sequential Gel Technology?

At Le-Vel, there is an emphasis on ingredients, as well as ingredient quality; and absorption plays a critical role in nutritional supplementation. Thrive Move is based on Sequential Gel Technology, Le-Vel’s proprietary delivery system designed to maximize absorption. Sequential Gel technology allows you to immediately begin absorbing the product as it enters and remains in the mouth. Your system then further absorbs the gel as it enters the digestive tract and stomach. Those sequential steps improve your nutritional uptake and increase your absorption rate of this premium formula.


Does it really help joint support?  The Reviews on Thrive Move are in!

Thrive Move has gained many glowing reviews on social media and blogs.  Here are some quotes of what people are saying about the product:

This is one of my favorite plus line products!! Took my joint health to a whole new level!” – Dustin Wagner

LOVE this product – I can do lunges and squats again!!!!” – James W. Leonhardt

“My knees are really thanking me for this product!” – Wendy Cassel

Supp Reviewers Blog says “Sensational product…Worth trying!”

Now that you’ve heard all about Thrive Move, are you ready to take your flexibility and mobility to the next level? Life is waiting. Learn more about Thrive Move on the Le-Vel website.