It’s Time to Get Smart About Weight Management

It’s Time to Get Smart About Weight Management

At Le-Vel, we’re all about taking smart steps toward better health. That means no crash diets, fasts or subsisting on one food only. Our focus is on the long term.

Long term health means many things, but one of the big parts is maintaining a healthy weight.

Thrivers promote healthy habits you can stick with for a lifetime like these 3 Simple Steps. Your health and weight-management goals don’t have to consume your day.  Le-Vel recently came out with a new product, DFT Duo, that helps by supporting lipid metabolism and providing all-day weight management and appetite support.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you pursue a healthy lifestyle:

Be specific, but take it step by step.

First, set a measurable goal, then break it into smaller, more short-term goals. Just saying that you’re going to lose inches is too vague and non-committal.

Once you’ve established a specific number in mind (for example, 4 inches), don’t fixate on the end number. Saying you’re going to lose 4 inches can make you feel like you’re standing at the bottom of a very tall ladder.

Instead, shift your focus to smaller, more digestible steps. If you’re taking a healthy approach, you’ll lose inches over time. Celebrate those accomplishments. Go to the movies with a friend, enjoy an afternoon to yourself, go on a hike, or, to celebrate your ultimate goal and size, buy a new pair of jeans.

Just move.

The experts debate on how much exercise is crucial. But the bottom line is this: Just move. Every day. Aim for 30 minutes or more.

Your activity doesn’t have to hurt or leave you exhausted. If you haven’t exercised in quite a while, walking can be your best bet to get started again.

Make your workout fun! Bring along some good music, maybe a good friend and you might even forget you’re exercising for a while. The best exercises are ones you enjoy and that can elevate your heart rate for a sustained period.


Allow yourself some wiggle room.

Use the “80/20” approach – making healthy choices 80 percent of the time, and allowing some wiggle room (within reason) during the remaining 20 percent.

If you’re trying to cut back, you may wish to follow a 90/10 approach, then shift into 80/20 when you’re maintaining. Whichever percentage you choose, we’re talking about a single-scoop ice cream cone versus a pint of ice cream, or a piece of pizza on a plate loaded with vegetables versus three pieces of a meat-laden pie.

Snack (really).

Aim for 200 calories or less. Most snackers eat a snack in the mid-morning and late-afternoon hours.

Try unsalted raw almonds, an apple with tablespoon of almond butter or chopped veggies with a bit of hummus.

Snacks help prevent you from overeating later. If you’re not hungry, you don’t have to have a snack! It’s nice to know it’s an option if you need it, though.

Buy some snack-sized baggies, which help you portion everything out in the appropriate serving sizes. Incorporate fiber and/or small amounts of fat in your snack choices. You’ll stay fuller longer.

Never show up empty-handed.

No matter where your day is taking you, it’s a good idea to have a couple of snacks within your reach. When you’re prepared, you’ll never have to hit the vending machine out of desperation.


Write it down.

A lot of us consume mindless calories while we’re chatting on the phone, watching TV or driving in the car. Keeping track of what you eat keeps you honest – and it may surprise you.


The National Sleep Foundation reported in 2016 that one-third of American adults sleep less than seven hours per night. Poor sleep can interfere with the hormone that regulates appetite, so get your Z’s!

Eat breakfast.

Breakfast-eaters tend to eat less over the course of the day. It stands to reason that if you’re not ravenous, you won’t overeat, right?

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated, either. With Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake, feeding your body the nutrition it craves takes only minutes in the morning.


Above all, keep it simple.

Finish Thrive’s simple three-step regimen (Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Premium Lifestyle Shake and Premium Lifestyle DFT) before you leave the house in the morning, and you’re done for the day!

And now with DFT DUO–step 3 for those focused more on weight and appetite management–you have a powerful, easy-to-use tool for reaching your nutritional and weight management goals.

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