Summer Exercise to Beat the Heat

Summer Exercise to Beat the Heat

It might be hot outside, but you can still maintain your fitness and exercise goals during these scorching summer months. In fact, summer might just be the perfect opportunity to change up your exercise routine! Adding variety to your workouts helps prevent you from hitting a plateau, and can actually jumpstart your fitness and/or weight loss efforts.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Get indoors and check out local gyms or community centers for special summer offers. Most gyms offer not just exercise equipment and free weights, but also group exercise like spinning, weight training, Zumba, etc.

If you’re used to running or walking outside, try bicycling, which gives you the added benefit of a breeze.


Go out before the sun rises. Many cities and towns hold early morning “boot camps” in retail parking lots. Do a little online research, and attend a trial class for yourself. Boot camps are a fantastic way to challenge yourself, meet new people and get in your workout before the sun rises.

Ever wanted to try rock climbing? Try indoor rock climbing. It’s safe, it’s air conditioned, and it’s an incredible workout.

Get out after the sun sets. Evening walks are lots of fun. Be sure to walk in a well-lit area and pack your bug spray.

Stay home! Buy yourself some exercise DVDs, or download a fitness app, push the coffee table aside, and workout from the comfort of your own living room. When your gym is in your home, there are no excuses. Jump ropes, kettle bells, weights and agility ladders (all available at your local sporting goods store) also make great additions to your home gym.

Take a dip. Try stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming or water aerobics. Getting into the water helps you keep your cool.


Before and during any workout, make sure you’re adequately hydrated. And, to maintain your fitness over the summer, you’ve got to feed your body the nutrition it craves. Thrive offers the easiest, most nutritionally superior approach to health and wellness. This simple three-step regimen gives you the
staying power you need to make it through your workout and every curve ball the day throws your way no matter what the season.





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