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7 Things Successful People do Before 7 a.m.

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7 Things Successful People do Before 7 a.m.

It’s a fact: The wee hours of the morning are the healthy person’s best-kept secret. Odds are good that you’re not a “morning person,” and really, who is? Getting up early is a decision to place success over the snooze button – and, once you repeat this behavior several mornings in a row, it becomes a habit … even if getting out of bed never gets easier (and it doesn’t).

Why are the early morning hours so critical? It’s the only time of day during which nobody needs you. You can focus on your needs alone, with no interruptions. And it’s amazing how much you can accomplish during just an hour or two of this precious time.

Turn in a bit earlier, set your alarm and practice these smart habits before sunrise:

Banish the snooze button. Do you really feel more refreshed after 9 more minutes of hazy sleep? Place your alarm clock across the room from your bed. Promise yourself that once you’re up, you’re up. Commit to action.


Exercise. Stuck in a cycle of either skipping exercise altogether or saying “I’ll just do it when I get home”? Life gets in the way. You’re going to run into a million obstacles over the course of your day that will derail even the best intentions. Keep your workout clothes next to your bed so they’re the first thing you see. Whether you hit the road for a walk or a run, go to a nearby gym or exercise at home – even just for 10 minutes – you’re going to feel more accomplished, more focused and more alive by the time the obligations of your day begin.

Review your top “to-dos” for the day. Before bed, write down your three biggest priorities for the following day. Read them in the morning when you wake up. If you can knock one of those items off your list – preferably your biggest task — or at least make progress on it, you’re well on your way to a successful day. This smart habit helps kick procrastination to the curb. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that you’ve already worked on your most pressing item by the time your day begins.

Do a quick email scan. Allow yourself to take a preliminary took at your inbox, and address any urgent emails now, before the workday begins.


Drink a big glass of water, then eat breakfast. Water fills you up, of course, but it has other benefits. It hydrates the body after a long night’s sleep, it’s good for the skin and reportedly good for your metabolism, as well. For breakfast, keep it whole and healthy – something that delivers natural energy, like THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Shake.

Listen to something positive and/or educational. Instead of grumbling about your commute, use the time to your advantage. Podcasts are a smart way to set yourself up for a successful day. Check out Happier with Gretchen Rubin, 99 Percent Invisible, This American Life, How I Built This and Ted Talks, to name but a few of your choices.

Reflect and be grateful. Write down three things you’re grateful for today. Meditate for five minutes. Set your intentions for your day, and enjoy these few moments of silence.

The next time that alarm clock goes off, consider that what happens immediately afterward is what will determine the course of your day – and, ultimately, your success.

THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix: Apple Pie

by Le-Vel 2 Comments
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix: Apple Pie

For many of us, fall is ushering in cooler temperatures and the desire to get outside again. It’s also the season of comfort food. Before you know it, those holiday goodies will be everywhere – serving up temptation that can throw a kink in your health and wellness goals.  Stay on track with THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix.

Le-Vel has your secret weapon against holiday cravings: the new THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix in Apple Pie flavor. You can enjoy the flavors of fall while still following a healthy regime. This is one “comfort food” you can enjoy every day. It’s not only incredibly satisfying; THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix also can help you feel healthier and more energized than ever. Now that’s something that your grandmother’s apple pie just can’t claim!


What makes THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Different?

If you’ve been to your local grocery store any time lately, you know that there are a lot of nutritional shakes on the market. But they’re not all created equal – not by a long shot. THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix is an ultra-premium, gluten-free shake containing a proprietary blend of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, plant extracts, probiotics and amino acids. It’s ultra-micronized, meaning that it’s broken into very, very fine particles to deliver maximum absorption into the body and contribute to lean muscle support, weight management or fitness support. Along with THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology (DFT), THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix is part of a simple, 1-2-3 regimen you complete before you even head out the door in the morning.

Give this shake recipe a try just 40 minutes after you take your THRIVE capsules.  Then step out into the crisp fall air and thrive all day long.

Yummy Apple Pie in a Glass Shake Recipe:

½ c. unsweetened almond milk

½ c. unsweetened applesauce

½ tsp. cinnamon

1 packet/1 scoop THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix – Apple Pie flavor

5-6 ice cubes.

Blend well, and enjoy!

Rallying Behind the Cause – Team Hoyt

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Rallying Behind the Cause – Team Hoyt

Since 1989, The Hoyt Foundation has worked tirelessly to build the individual character, confidence and self-esteem of America’s disabled and physically challenged young people through inclusion in all facets of daily life.

Dick Hoyt Speaks at Le-Vel Conference

Dick Hoyt was the surprise headline speaker at an annual conference presented by Le-Vel earlier this year.  Le-Vel is a direct sales company that manufactures and distributes health and wellness products through a network of more than 600,000 independent Brand Promoters. An audience of more than 20,000 was moved by Dick’s story of his son’s perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. His call to action – “Yes, You Can” – deeply inspired the crowd. It was a powerful reminder that no matter the challenge, barriers can be broken, and the finish line is always worth the fight.


Supporting Team Hoyt

To support the Hoyts’ mission, Le-Vel employees and Brand Promoters participated in a month-long promotion in which 5% of the sale of each limited-edition Hoyt Derma Fusion Technology (DFTs) was earmarked for the Hoyt Foundation. In four weeks’ time, they were able to raise $240,000 for The Hoyt Foundation and Team Hoyt.

Part of a three-step regimen called THRIVE, DFT is a time-released delivery system that infuses the skin, or derma, with a formula of ingredients designed to help consumers experience benefits including mental performance and appetite management. The limited-edition Hoyt DFT featured a “Yes, You Can” design and the Team Hoyt logo. It was a creative way to help spread the word about the great work of Team Hoyt, as we continue to work together to help people push beyond their barriers and achieve excellence in their lives.

“The Hoyts are proof that, with perseverance, belief and a strong support system, we can achieve incredible things,” Paul Gravette, Co-CEO, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Le-Vel. “On behalf of our employees, independent Brand Promoters and their customers, we’re honored to support Team Hoyt and the Hoyt Foundation in their tireless efforts to help the disabled and physically challenged live their lives to the fullest.”

And the race continues!

Strivin’ and Thrivin’! THRIVE Experience Reviews and Testimonials

by Le-Vel 6 Comments
Strivin’ and Thrivin’!  THRIVE Experience Reviews and Testimonials

The Le-Vel community is nothing if not enthusiastic! Check out these reviews and testimonials shared by independent Brand Promoters and customers.  These people have discovered that a happier, healthier life is possible — in just 20 minutes a day — with the THRIVE Experience: a simple, three-step regimen designed for all ages and lifestyles.

THRIVE Experience Reviews


Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith

“In August of 2015, I started my THRIVE Experience. Here is why I know I’ll never stop: Before finding THRIVE, I was dealing with some health challenges. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. My body lacked energy, I was drinking soda or coffee, but still felt I needed to nap. Man, I was a total grouch!

And because of this, at work, I definitely was not a good employee. I knew I needed to change! The woman I saw in the mirror every morning wasn’t someone I was proud of, or could say I even liked at all. Deep down, my heart longed to be the woman I really was, but I just didn’t know how to find her.

But then I found THRIVE! And guess what? It WORKS!”



Chloe Patterson

Chloe Patterson

“I love THRIVE! The simplicity of the program is something I love! I take my two capsules as soon as my eyes open. Then 20 minutes later, I make my delicious Thrive lifestyle mix and drink it, and then I put on my DFT. And that’s it! I love that I’m putting premium nutrition in my body within the first 20 minutes of my day!

No need to set alarms throughout the day. I don’t have to worry about measuring products because they’re already measured for me. In my opinion, not only does everybody need THRIVE; but EVERY BODY benefits from THRIVE. All I know is that you’re going to love how you feel!”

Brenden Lewer

“Before my THRIVE Experience, I thought it was normal to feel the way I did on a daily basis. In other words, I accepted feeling average. I am so glad I listened to my wife and had an open mind to jump in. Little did I know my body was lacking the nutrition it needed to realize these results. Paul Gravette has said, ‘Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.’ He couldn’t be more right!”

The Le-Vel Opportunity

Courtney Kirkwood

“Le-Vel has given me the opportunity to go from 80 hours a week to working from home and designing the life I choose! It’s truly incredible what giving your body the proper nutrition can do. Three simple steps have forever changed my life!”


Laura and Jeremy Wells

Laura and Jeremy Wells

“What the THRIVE Experience represents to us is:

More energy all day.
Better sleep at night.
Calmed general body aches.
Better skin (who knew!?)
Making better choices for our health.
Being active again!
55 lbs. gone (so far) between the 2 of us.
Feeling like a million bucks.
Having WAY more FUN!
Community that is humble and kind.
A tribe we’re proud to align with.
Flexible. No pressure – ever.
Happy and healthy – inside and out.
A positive ripple effect.

We could go on and on, but when someone asks us ‘What’s this THRIVE thing all about?,’ those are the words we want to say.”

Want to Try the THRIVE Experience?

These are just a few of the thousands of people who are enjoying the THRIVE Experience every day.  While experiences can differ slightly from person to person, there’s no denying that THRIVE is making a positive change in many lives – allowing people to thrive in every way.  To learn more, please visit the Le-Vel Facebook page.