new year fitness

Kick Start Your New Year Fitness with the Ultimate THRIVER Competition & At Home Workouts

It’s time to shake off the old and THRIVE in 2022! Have you heard about the Ultimate THRIVER Season 3 competition? This 12-week physical transformation competition is what you’ve been waiting for to tone up, get in shape and THRIVE. Work out at home and share your results with the millions of THRIVERS worldwide in Le-Vel's Community! ...

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tired nurse

4 Ways for a Tired Nurse to Stay Energized Throughout a Nursing Shift

As a nurse, you’re ready for anything. It’s just another day when your shift turns into a double, that one coworker called in again, and it seems like half the county is on your rounds. Still, you are one tired nurse! So how can a tired nurse find a fresh source of energy? We have ...

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thrive detox

What You Should Eat While Using THRIVE 10-Day Total Detox

If you feel overwhelmed by doing a THRIVE detox on your own, our 10-day diet plan will erase all your doubts. With this diet plan, you can detox the toxins and heavy metals without worrying about what you can and can’t eat during the process.  Why Do I Need to Detox?  No one wants toxins or heavy ...

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how to lose baby weight

Real Moms Share How to Lose Baby Weight

Your body goes through a lot with nine months of pregnancy and giving birth to a precious baby. Muscles have been activated you never knew you had, and you’ve gone through the whole gamut of emotions known to the human race.  But now you’re faced with trying to lose the dreaded baby weight. Before you do ...

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holiday gift guide 2021

2021 Official Le-Vel Holiday Gift Guide

The Official Le-Vel Holiday Gift Guide for 2021 has arrived! We've got gift ideas for every friend, family member or colleague on your list! We've even broken it down for you into two categories, Gifts She'll Love and Gifts For Him. Health and wellness is the ultimate gift you can give anyone, and ...

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