Rick being pushed in a wheelchair by his father, Dick Hoyt as they compete in one of over 1,000 of their completed races.
Team Hoyt DFTs Team Hoyt DFTs

Throughout June and July, Le-Vel will make a donation of $5 for each limited edition Team Hoyt DFT pack sold in your team of Promoters and Customers. Your efforts will help support the organization's continued mission to build the individual character, confidence and self-esteem of America's disabled and physically challenged young people.

Our Thrive4Hoyt campaign—featuring our limited edition Team Hoyt DFTs—is something that we, as a company and community, can passionately get behind. The Hoyt Foundation, founded and led by Dick Hoyt of Team Hoyt, represents a great and worthy cause that all THRIVERS can proudly support.

#Thrive4Hoyt is more than a campaign, it’s a movement. Let's support disabled and physically challenged young people that desire, and deserve, to THRIVE in life. Join us as we look to make a major contribution to a great foundation and an incredibly worthy cause. Join us as we #Thrive4Hoyt.

We feel very fortunate to be associated with Team Hoyt and the Hoyt Foundation, as we passionately believe in their cause, and what they do for the disabled and physically challenged. The Team Hoyt DFTs are a great way to show our appreciation and support for the Hoyt Foundation's incredibly important mission. Team Hoyt and the Hoyt Foundation embody the passion, commitment and loyalty that our Customers and Brand Promoters have for Le-Vel and our great products.

Le-Vel Co-CEOs,
Jason Camper & Paul Gravette